04 Jan 2023 -

China soaring infections poses problems for tech supply chain


Staffing chaos caused by Beijing’s abrupt U-turn on their zero-Covid controls is creating more problems for the tech supply chains, reports Nikkei.

Tech manufacturers initially welcomed the turnaround after years of fighting to maintain operations under the strict COVID measures. But now they face the challenge of embracing a new normal of rising infections and looser controls, says the report here.

“The typical greeting now is: ‘Have you already tested positive?'”

Nikkei Asia

“It’s very chaotic,” an executive at an electronic component maker that supplies Samsung, Apple and several Chinese smartphone makers told Nikkei Asia. “The new wave of COVID surges spread super fast, and most companies found it already makes no sense to quarantine their employees.”

An employee at smartphone maker Honor described how workers now are largely resigned to catching the virus.

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