15 May 2022 -

Astute Electronics signs Cinch interconnects distribution agreement

[16/05/2022 Stevenage, UK] Astute Electronics have announced a new franchised-distribution agreement with Cinch – one of the world’s most recognised interconnect brands. 

Cinch is known for their world-class RF, fibre optics, hybrid, microwave components, circular, d-sub miniatures, modular rectangular, electronic enclosures and cable assemblies. For more than 65 years, they’ve been supplying innovative solutions to the military, commercial aerospace, networking, telecommunication, test and measurement, oil and gas and other harsh environment industries.

Interconnect BDM, Ian White, welcomed the agreement, “Cinch is virtually a household name in Hi-Rel industries. Through their ‘Connectivity Solutions’ we can offer our customers such a wide portfolio of products with tremendous scope for customisation.

“When special application requirements arise, especially in Defence and Aerospace, Cinch connectors take this versatility to the next level. There are thousands of possible combinations of Cinch standard options such as connector type, size, materials, hardware, and termination.

“Whether specific needs entail new variations of simple end-to-end connector assemblies or more complex and intricate harness assemblies, the Cinch ecosystem can usually accommodate.”  

Astute will be highlighting two product lines in particular: Dura-Con and Fibreco.

The Cinch DURA-CON is a D-shaped micro miniature rectangular connectors for high performance, densely compacted interconnections where weight and space are critical, especially miniaturised airborne electronics and data processing equipment, where shorter signal paths are needed.

Cinch Fibreco fibre-optic expanded beam connectors and cable assemblies offers high performance, flexibility and cost effectiveness, combined with a simple termination process, allowing for rapid in-field termination and repair.

Astute Electronics is a value-added design-in partner for Cinch, a Bel company, with direct access to the manufacturer and their product support.

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