01 May 2020 -

5G? Better wait til next year

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2020 should have been the year for 5G. Instead, introduction across the UK is beset by problems.

In January, the UK government banned Huawei from building ‘core’ aspects of the 5G network and non-core to 35% of the overall network. Then came a spate of arson attacks and vandalism of 5G masts, caused by conspiracy theories, which falsely claim the deployment of 5G networks has caused or helped accelerate the spread of Covid-19.

Unsurprisingly, it’s reported in EE Times that mobile phone industry observers have revised their 5G market projections, with some expecting delays of between three and six months.

“The [5G network] infrastructure supply chains, although not broken, have slowed down,” reports the article. The problem is compounded by a reduction in phone shipments: “some observers also worry if Apple might postpone the much-hyped launch of its 5G-enabled smartphone, scheduled for September.” The articles notes this will have an impact on take-up of 5G.

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