07 Sep 2022 -

2 ways manufacturers can meet the challenge of continuing chip shortage

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Supply Chain Brain suggests that manufacturers should purchase large quantities of chips to help insulate their production cycles from future disruptions.

There there are two principal steps that manufacturers should consider to optimise production and working capital:

  • Advance purchasing chip inventory: “Given the high demand for chips and volatility of the semiconductor market, stockpiling of supply is becoming a more widespread tactic for manufacturers. The large volume purchase of chips is an ideal solution for multiple manufacturing scenarios, including products with standard production cycles such as electronics, bulk orders necessary for end-of-life production, and products with longer lifecycles requiring extended service support.”
  • Deploy the optimal solution for chip storage. “Once manufacturers purchase chips in bulk (which often requires an inefficient use of working capital), they must determine the optimal storage solution to protect their semiconductors. Chips are delicate and sensitive to environmental factors such as temperature and humidity. Storage in the wrong environment may cause irreparable damage and a complete investment loss.” Manufacturers should align with a long-term storage partner that offers the appropriate temperature-controlled environment and experienced staff with the training and expertise to handle semiconductors.

Astute Electronics offers a more integrated, traceable approach to long-term storage.

  • AS9120 & AS6081 certified distributor
  • Global parts procurement specialist
  • Total environmental protection
  • PCN obsolete solution

To avoid electronics supply-chain disruptions, you may also wish to consult an expert in electronics component supply. With more than three decades of supply-chain expertise, Astute Electronics is ideally placed to work with you on your daily component requirements.

For more help with looking at supply chain options, contact Astute Electronics

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