Wago PCB Terminal Blocks and Connectors – Electrical interconnections, electronic interfaces, and automation technology

As the authorised distributor for Wago Connectors and Terminals, Astute Electronics is proud to offer their innovative solutions across numerous sectors and industries. For over 60 years, Wago has established itself as a trusted partner, delivering cutting-edge technologies in electrical interconnection, automation, and interface electronics.

Astute Electronics is a design partner for Wago Connectors and Terminals, meaning we work with you to incorporate the right solution into your project. Their electrical interconnection products streamline installation; whether you’re working with DIN-rails, circuit boards, or junction boxes, Wago provides easy, maintenance-free connections suitable for all conductor types. This time-saving technology eliminates the risk of human error, ensuring steadfast contact quality.

In the realm of automation, Wago offers unparalleled versatility and open standards. Their fieldbus-independent I/O systems, software, HMI devices, control technology, switches, and sensor/actuator boxes are designed to simplify your production processes and building applications.

Wago’s Interface Electronic range tackles the complexities of modern equipment design. User-friendly components, safe isolation of wiring, and exceptional efficiency help reduce investment costs while promoting safety, availability, and ease of use. Astute Electronics can help you choose from their pluggable function modules, interface modules, relays, optocouplers, and power supplies, to enhance your project.


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Wago Connectors
Product Focus

Electrical Interconnects

Wago offers a comprehensive range of electrical interconnection solutions for diverse applications, including DIN-rails, circuit boards, junction boxes, and cable ducts. Their products are known for being time-saving, maintenance-free, and suitable for various conductor types. Astute Electronics is a design partner, further supporting the use of Wago connectors.

Electronic Interfaces

Modern equipment demands diverse components that are user-friendly, cost-effective, safe, and simple to integrate. Wago’s Interface Modules address these needs with various designs, including pluggable options, relays, and power supplies. Astute Electronics, as a design partner, further supports the use of Wago Interface Modules to ensure safe and efficient equipment design.

Automation Technology

Wago provides flexible and user-friendly automation technology for diverse applications, from software and control systems to fieldbus-independent I/Os. Their modular design allows for easy customization and integration, simplifying production and building processes. As a design partner, Astute Electronics supports the use of Wago automation technology, ensuring seamless communication and efficient project execution.

PCB Terminal Blocks & Connectors
for Power Electronics


The miniaturization of electronics demands integrated power and signal levels on PCBs. Wago’s PCB terminal blocks and connectors address this trend, offering compact and high-performance solutions for demanding applications like power supplies and servo drives. They deliver easy operation, wiring flexibility, and secure connections. Astute Electronics, as a design partner, supports Wago connectors, providing a comprehensive range of options for diverse power electronics needs.

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