Netsol – Fabless IC design, leading the world in the next generation memory solutions

Astute Electronics is proud to be the authorised distributor for Netsol, a leading South Korean fabless memory semiconductor design house established in 2010. Netsol specialises in cutting-edge memory solutions, particularly their next-generation Spin-Torque Transfer Magnetoresistive Random-Access Memory (STT-MRAM) technology.

As a design partner for Netsol, Astute Electronics is equipped to support you with their innovative memory solutions. Netsol leverages its expertise to provide customised and optimised memory options for various applications, including industrial automation, network systems, medical devices, gaming, enterprise data centres, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Netsol’s STT-MRAM products are ideal for applications requiring fast and frequent data storage and retrieval, making them suitable for code storage, data logging, backup memory, and working memory in industrial settings. They offer a compelling alternative to Flash, FeRAM, or nvSRAM by providing the same functionality and non-volatility with additional advantages like virtually unlimited endurance and fast write speeds.

Astute Electronics, in partnership with Netsol, can help you select the most suitable memory solution to meet your specific needs and performance requirements. We offer technical expertise and support throughout the design process, ensuring seamless integration of Netsol’s advanced memory solutions into your projects.

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• Aerospace • Audio
• Defence • Electric Vehicles
• Engineering • Industrial Automation
• Manufacturing • Maritime
• Medical • Rail
• Renewable Energy  



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Memory & Storage Technical BDM
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Serial STT-MRAM Products​

Astute Electronics, a design partner for Netsol, offers their Serial MRAM products, ideal for applications requiring fast and frequent data access due to their non-volatility, extended endurance, and fast write speeds. These products are suitable for various industrial applications, including code storage, data logging, backup memory, and working memory, and can effectively replace Flash, FeRAM, or nvSRAM while offering the same functionality and non-volatility. Netsol’s Serial MRAM comes in densities ranging from 1Mb to 32Mb, supports various power supply options, and offers industry-standard interfaces and packages for easy integration.

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NETSOL Serial SPI MRAMs are the ideal memory for applications due to the non-volatility and virtually unlimited endurance characteristics of STT-MRAM that must store and retrieve data and programs quickly using a minimum number of pins.

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Asynchronous SRAM

NETSOL stand-alone Asynchronous SRAM has the characteristics of high speed, low power consumption and reliability.
They are an ideal choice for memory in a wide variety of applications.

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IP Service

With more than 30 years of product design experience at one of the world’s leading memory companies, NETSOL provides optimal performance and functional IP reflecting the different features and requirements used in SOC.

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