15 Sep 2022 -

Automotive: Semiconductor shortage threatens to “permanently change wholesale landscape”

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New car shortages caused by the global semiconductor issue are threatening to permanently change the wholesale used car landscape, writes Motor Trader.

Reporting comments from U.K. car auctioneers, Aston Barclay, Motor Trader said average prices have increased by 39.6% (£4,340) from £10,938 in Q2 2020 to £15,278 in Q2 2022, close to the average prices of ex-rental used cars prior to the pandemic.

one third of all lease contracts being currently extended due to new car supply problems. In August 2022, it’s reported by Motor Trader that Aston Barclay sold its first post-pandemic ex-rental cars, which averaged four years and 62,600 miles. That compares with the pre-pandemic average of around 18 months/20,000 miles.

In part exchanges, dealers have held onto most of their part exchanges since new car supplies have been compromised, particularly at the younger end of the market between 55 and 75 months.

Used cars reaching auction have remained at between 65-66 months in age, but mileage has fallen by -4.3% (2,650 miles) to 58,100 miles in Q2 2022 reflecting a restriction in driver journeys during the pandemic and due to hybrid working practices.

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