01 Dec 2022 -

Auto chips: ICs in robust demand with no oversupply concerns

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Analog IC chips continue to be stuck in a tight supply situation and will continue to affect the automotive industry, according to Hidetoshi Shibata, CEO of semiconductor manufacturer Renesas, reported by Digitimes.

Analog chips are likely to become the main constraint for vehicle production for the next three years, reported market watchers, SP Global. “Considering the growth in vehicle segments and propulsion mix, the average number of analog chips per car is expected to increase by 26% in 2023 compared with 2021. This growth can be mainly attributed to the ongoing electrification trend.”

Leading figures in the automotive industry agree. The last public words of Thierry Bolloré in his role as Jaguar Land Rover CEO were to warn that the chip crisis would take years to resolve. “We should not forget that the supply of chips is really a crisis in our sector,” Bolloré told investors.

Autocar reported that Stellantis boss Carlos Tavares told the press he expected normality from the end of 2023. Hyundai has said it expects it to ease by the end of this year, but the Volkswagen Group is with JLR in expecting it to become the industry norm.

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