06 Dec 2022 -
 Renewable Energy

Renewable energy transition held back by electronics shortages

solar energy

The global energy crisis sparked by the war in Ukraine has underscored how parts of the renewables supply chain might face similar struggles if not quickly diversified, reports Reuters.

The manufacture of electronic components critical to transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energies is a potential problem area, experts told Reuters.

“Getting electronic components, especially power electronic components that are going into battery installations, and inverters, and electric vehicles – those are still in very high demand,” said Sophia Wennstedt, CEO of Chicago-based Blip Energy, which focuses on battery-based home energy storage systems. She said the bottlenecks are a top concern for the coming year.

Expansion of renewables, including solar and wind, as well as battery storage, is seen as critical to energy transition efforts in order to reduce CO2 emissions and slow the effects of climate change.

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