03 Feb 2023 -

Astute Expand Franchise Partner Agreement with Central Semiconductor Corp into Turkey

The Astute franchise partner agreement with Central Semiconductor Corp. extends into Turkey.  An innovative, unique business opportunity that offers extensive benefits to both companies. Through this agreement, Astute & Central Semiconductor Corp have the potential to expand their presence in the global market.

Astute Electronics Ltd, an established global component distributor, has a long-term commitment to sustainable development and long history of working with Central Semiconductor Corp. – the global manufacturer of a wide range of semiconductor solutions, including diodes and rectifiers, transistors, MOSFETs/JFETs, protection devices, thyristors & Multi-Discrete Modules™ Since 1974. 

By leveraging the strengths and expertise the agreement allows Central Semi and Astute to benefit from the combined resources and expand their reach and unlock the potential of the Turkish market and gain access to new customers, technologies, and products.

Central has earned a reputation as a trusted manufacturer of the highest quality products, consistently delivered on time and professionally serviced.

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Products include standard and custom small signal transistors, bipolar power transistors, MOSFETs, diodes, rectifiers, protection

devices, current limiting diodes, bridge rectifiers, and thyristors. Devices are available in industry standard surface mount and through-hole packages, MDMs (Multi Discrete Modules™), and as bare die. Silicon Carbide die also available. Standard devices can be up-screened to meet various high reliability equivalent standards and customer-specified requirements. Diminishing source products are also available. 

The Turkish market has great potential. With the benefits that both companies receive from the Franchise Partner Agreement, Central Semi and Astute can help bring this market to the next level.

Astute E-Design contact: Stewart Burns – [email protected]


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