Excess Inventory

Astute have created the Astute Intelligent Marketplace to provide meaningful insights into how best to manage your excess inventory. The AIM will provide you with Smart data which allows professionals across Materials, Finance and Supply Chain to mitigate inventory liabilities.

Partner with Astute – we are the prime vehicle for disposition of E & O material. We will provide feedback on ‘the state of the market’, with detail including how to sell at the peak of demand to maximise return.

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Enhanced market awareness

  • Efficient Execution of Complex Tasks
  • Repetition of data crunching without losing focus
  • Reduction in Human Errors in Data Analysis
  • Becomes Integral to decision making
  • Delivers deeper trend analysis
  • Allows more time for human creativity

The importance of
Clean, CURRENT Data

  • Astute historical and current Global Data
  • Data from Global Franchised partners
  • Key data from selected Global brokers
  • Market reports from Key manufacturers – those who drive the trends
  • OEM forecasts
  • Market data – which sectors are strong and vice versa
  • EMS market projections – region by region
  • Geopolitical Trend Data – never more important than now
  • Gauging the current excess data in the market – fully across the spectrum

Smart Reporting aids
decision making

  • Disposal of Assets/Liabilities for maximum return
  • Sell stock to the market at it’s peak of demand
  • Allows all stakeholders to make informed decisions
  • Accompanying Balance sheet and cash flow improvements
  • Managing a problem by being flexible and dynamic not static – taking ownership of the liability

Data and Market Analysis
Feedback on the ‘state of the market’

Realistic detail – what will/won’t sell and why?

Data Management
Prime Vehicle for disposition of Customer E & O liability

Customer and Support Feedback
Support Supply Chain, Materials and Finance Professionals