Astute Salus: Use Case

Location Reporting of ESD Laboratory Coats (for Quarterly Security Audit Purposes).

We are pleased to announce that we have now formally opened our new demonstration facility to showcase our SALUS platform at our offices in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.

Our ESD lab coats are protective garments that prevent the build-up of static charge. They are typically worn by those in the electronics, biotech, automotive, food processing and pharmaceutical industries. They are used to control static charge and minimise the likelihood of ESD events occurring on static sensitive devices, which are in abundance in the Astute Laboratories.

The Problem

The ESD coats are tested quarterly as part of ongoing security audits. However, 75% of these coats go missing and are simply not returned to the Operations/Lab cloaks area by customers and staff after they have been used. This is annual cost to the company, not to mention the additional cost of staff time wasted in manually searching for ESD coats over a large site.

The Solution

Our comprehensive SALUS location platform demonstrates the application of Astute’s innovative technology in a real-world setting. Operating uniquely across indoor and outdoor environments, potential partners will be able to see for themselves, the tracking and reporting of ESD Lab Coat (wearable) asset tags at 1-2m accuracy, across two floors, over an area of 5,000 m².

The demonstration facility consists of a network of fixed anchors, which define the tracking area of 50m by 50m and a number of active (wearable) tags moving through that network. Convert’s sophisticated, cloud-based, application software processes the tag-anchor distances and generates a set of real-world coordinates (latitude, longitude, altitude), which are stored in the SALUS location database. These tag locations are then sent to a mobile app for display to an end user as shown below in Figures 1 and 2. The system’s anchors are battery powered using low-cost replaceable cells, for easy installation in a wide range of environments, offering up to 5 years operating life.

Figure 1. End users locating the demo site in ‘Map View’ mode.
Figure 2. Locating asset tags in ‘Plan View’ mode

Technology Partner

SALUS has been created in partnership with Convert Technologies, a leading location, and data reporting technology company. Together, we licence the SALUS technology platform to customers with a wide range of profiles from those looking for; a complete tracking solution, to technology and system integrators looking for reference designs to include in their IoT and tracking solutions. In either case, SALUS will form the basis of an accurate, scalable localisation and data reporting system.

Andrew Parker, our SALUS Solution Manager says, “SALUS is based on established LoRa® signalling standards, operating at 2.4GHz. In our opinion, the combination of high levels of accuracy, low cost, ease of installation and complete security give SALUS the competitive advantage in tracking, localisation, and environment monitoring, compared to other technologies”.

Salus System Overview

Working with our customers we can customise SALUS to deliver against specific requirements and use cases. Whether it is knowing where ESD Lab Coats have been left across the organisation, or if calibrated tools on an industrial site have been maintained and where they are located to effect maintenance, the insights and productivity gains that SALUS can provide in support of businesses are immense.

Astute House Location

Our Stevenage office has excellent motorway transport links, and proximity to London Luton (LTN) Airport which is 7.6 miles away. Other nearby airports include London Stansted (STN) (19.9 miles), making it accessible for potential partners to visit. A shuttle service can be arranged to and from London Luton Airport if required.

If companies are interested in a demonstration, or would like further information, please contact our SALUS Solution Manager, Andrew Parker [email protected]

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