Partnering with the rapidly growing EV charging companies in Europe, we understand the market needs.

Astute utilise our experience in military vehicles and the rail and automotive sectors to bring our expertise to the Electric Vehicle (EV) sector.

Our global sourcing services can help EV manufacturers find the parts they need in a competitive market where the race is on to develop EV technologies and offerings.

We  not only help with the procurement of parts and ongoing support of projects but can help from the very start in making new concepts a reality. Astute work with over 50 franchise manufacturers, with several offering solutions specifically for the EV market.



    ev solutions at Astute

    Component Engineering Specialist

    Global Sourcing team for rapid response

    International Procurement teams

    High Volume pricing support PPV


    Franchised Electronics

    Technical design support and distribution of 45+ component manufacturers.

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    Counterfeit Avoidance

    Discover our world leading counterfeit avoidance program. Trusted by life-critical device manufacturers for decades.

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    Total Solution

    Effectively consolidating complex supply-chain elements and allowing the customer to focus on their core skills.

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    Affiliations & Partnerships