Astute has enjoyed a very direct relationship with aerospace & defence since our inception in 1989; our founder’s background was distribution with defence companies such as Plessey, Marconi and British Aerospace. Nothing has changed in the strength of our relationships, only the names of the companies and the type of services we now offer, which are far greater and wider in scope. Going back a decade, we were supporting customers in the latter stages of an equipment’s life cycle: obsolescence or a lack of supply in the market was the driver.

Today, with equipment staying in service longer than ever, our customers now rely on us for support and involvement at the start of a product’s life, as designing the right material in equipment during the concept phase is critical to the through-life support of it. This has seen a real shift in our offering. With 40+ franchised lines across connectors, power, semiconductors and E-Mech, we now offer a full Design>Fulfilment>Support service.

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Astute’s Maritime division specialises in all types of Marine applications, from Naval ship support and services to Marine Science and latest Technology innovations.

Controls and instrumentation, emergency propulsion systems, comms upgrades and more. Whatever your project is, our team have experience in all areas of maritime to help your projects whether it be specific products or services to streamline you production process.

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    Astute have supported the military aerospace industry for the past 3 decades and have now expanded these services into the civil aviation sector.

    Our engineers have been designing solutions for aircraft interiors with power management, connectivity and wireless systems to meet the evolving user demands.

    Our rapid sourcing team is on-hand to ensure aircraft are repaired and serviced to keep them in commission and avoid AOG.



      Astute has been honoured to support the supply chain requirements of the mass production of ventilators during the covid-19 challenge, which was observed by national press.

      As a key supplier to the UK’s leading aerospace and defence primes, Astute is no stranger to the intensity of a life-critical device supply chain. We will continue our involvement within the medical sector by investing and adapting, as we always have done with all of our customers requirements.

      Astute provide an all encompassing supply-chain solution. With technical product management for over 45+ electronic component manufacturers, and in-house logistics expertise, Astute can help to consolidate complex project elements, helping you get back to your core purpose.



        Risq certified Astute is a leading supplier to harsh environment applications. Our Global reach allows us to support today’s multinational rail platforms and infrastructure projects.

        Logistical support & obsolescence management expertise is backed by technology teams with an array of world class manufacturers of electromechanical and power products.

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          Industrial Automation

          Highly experienced within industrial applications, we’ve picked our franchises not only for their mil-standard components but for how they support diverse sectors. Supported by our team of application engineers and technical advisers, we provide electronics components and solutions, as well as bespoke delivery and logistics to the worlds greatest OEMs in power systems, oil & gas, transportation, instrumentation, and medical sectors, and through-out the tiers of their supply-chains.

          Our engineering teams are creating scalable solutions to asset tracking and collaboration systems to support all operational efficiencies.

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            Astute have partnered with some of the leading manufacturers of alternative energy sources over the past few years; providing power management systems that incorporate organic renewable solar, hydrogen fuel cells, lithium battery packs and customisable power solutions.

            Our engineering team are exploring the art of the possible to provide sustainable solutions for tomorrow’s challenges.

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              Electric Vehicles

              Astute utilise our experience in military vehicles and the rail and automotive sectors to bring our expertise to the Electric Vehicle (EV) sector.

              Our global sourcing services can help EV manufacturers find the parts they need in a competitive market where the race is on to develop EV technologies and offerings.

              We not only help with the procurement of parts and ongoing support of projects but can help from the very start in making new concepts a reality.

              Astute work with over 60 franchise manufacturers, with several offering solutions specifically for the EV market.

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