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No relief from semiconductor shortages in 2022, says ABI

A combination of global risk factors will lead to the supply chain industry taking until 2023, and possibly beyond, to resolve the current electronic component shortage issues, says ABI Research. According to their new report, 70 Tech Trends that will/will not shape...

Using automation to improve supply-chain efficiency

Jan 12, 2022
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Businesses of all sizes and across all industries can use automation technology to optimize supply chain efficiency — and more, reports EPS News.

“Artificial intelligence (AI) bolsters back-office operations,” says EPS writer Luke Smith. “Robots equipped with AI can leverage machine learning, which enables businesses to use predictive analytics to transform shipping data into actionable insights. As such, automation technologies can simplify back-office operations. The technologies allow businesses to streamline back-office processes, so workers can focus on high-value tasks. Plus, the technologies reduce the risk of human errors in back-office operations.

“Going forward, companies will continue to explore opportunities to incorporate automation technologies into their supply chain operations. These technologies can deliver short-term gains but must be tracked and evaluated over time. That way, companies are well-equipped to maximize the ROI of their automation technology investments. Best of all, they can establish fully autonomous supply chains.”

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