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Counterfeiting is big business – Source Today

With realities like the global chip shortage prompting more “bad actors” to develop unapproved reproductions or copies of the real thing, the companies that make anti-counterfeit and tamper-proof packaging are continually developing new ways to combat these crimes,...

NAND and DRAM are set to hit new revenue records

Market research and strategy consulting company, Yole Développement, says that despite the numerous global challenges, the memory market will grow to over USD 260 billion in 2027. “Amid trade-war tensions and the COVID-19 pandemic, the stand-alone memory market has...

Component prices increase 5-40%; lead times extend to 12 months

Electronic component prices are on the rise, with one chipmaker increasing prices between 5 percent and 40 percent in the past quarter, reports EPS News. More tech companies mentioned “pricing” during their Q1 earnings calls than any other sector, including consumer...

True or false components – Can you spot a fake?

Apr 16, 2020

SourceToday says the current electronics component shortage combined with the urge to make new parts is compounding a counterfeit problem that “isn’t going away anytime soon”.

It describes counterfeit components as the “bane of any electronic buyer’s very existence” and the companies behind these fakes as “virtually unstoppable”. The risk of using counterfeits is significant, “In some cases, counterfeit electronic components can be dangerous. For example, if a fake part fails, the user can be injured. Or, that part might cause a piece of equipment to malfunction, short-circuit, or even cause a fire.”

However, SourceToday suggests there are at least four ways to detect fakes:

  • Visually examine all packaging, labels, and parts.
  • Use X-ray inspections to verify components authenticity.
  • Look for signs of resurfacing.
  • Put the components through some electrical testing.

Of course, these tests are just the tip of the iceberg. Astute Electronics is run in accordance with quality processes including AS6081 that mitigates the risks of purchasing and supplying fraudulent/counterfeit electronic parts. For complete peace of mind, Astute offers the ACAP (Astute Counterfeit Avoidance Programme) whereby parts obtained through non-traceable routes are subjected to rigorous destructive and non-destructive testing. More information on counterfeit mitigation