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Analysts report improvement in chip lead times

Lead times -- or the time it takes between placing an order and it being fulfilled -- for the industry contracted for the ninth month in a row, another indication that we are exiting the pandemic-triggered chip shortage of about two years, reports Susquehanna...

Global moves for Japanese EMS giants

Japanese semiconductor distributors and EMS factories such as Sun-Wa Technos, Kaga Electronics, and Ryoyo Electro are accelerating overseas expansion in response to the continued shrinking of the local market according to Nikkei Asia. "We had been looking for an...

Uncovering the critical supply chain trends 

Research shows that as many as 91% of supply chain leaders see the current issues with supply chains getting worse or remaining the same. This indicates that the supply chain issues experienced to date will continue for at least the medium term. According to Coupa,...

Fortune: We’re going to see another chip shortage

After the groundbreaking U.S. Chips Act and massive government subsidy for electronics manufacturing, will the U.S. see another chips shortage? According to Fortune Magazine, the unfortunate answer is: Yes, we will. "Semiconductor demand is unpredictable. The...

Travel bans delay expansion plans

Apr 23, 2020

Reports are coming in that travel bans are hampering Chinese electronics factories, as tech suppliers are unable to bring in production advisers.

An article in Nikkei Asian Review noted that a significant Chinese LCD panel maker, BOE Technology Group, who is reported to account for a fifth of the world’s LCD TV panel supply, is “unable to carry out a planned expansion of its cutting-edge factory in Wuhan because Japanese technology advisers have returned home due to the coronavirus.” It continues, saying, “Without the advisers, the plant cannot install its latest machinery.”

According to the article, other companies are feeling the bite of travel restrictions. “South Korea’s Samsung Electronics launched a new memory chip plant in Xian, China, last month, its second in the city. Technicians from Japan were supposed to help install equipment, but Chinese and Japanese travel restrictions have thrown up hurdles to their arrival,” is reports.

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