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Scared of AI? Regulations will impact global electronics supply chain

The introduction of new AI regulations in the United States and the European Union is poised to significantly affect the global electronics market, particularly in terms of national security, competition, and consumer privacy. This development is especially relevant for the electronics industry, as these regulations could cause extensive ripples throughout the global market, impacting trade and supply chains, says EPS News

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Counterfeit parts result in catastrophic engine failure at Australian mine

A mining operation in Western Australia experienced firsthand the grave dangers of integrating counterfeit components into diesel engines, reports Australian Mining. An excavator’s Cummins K50 engine, a 50L V16 famed for its endurance and reliability, astonishingly failed after just 6000 operational hours. For perspective, such engines are typically anticipated to last up to 16,000 hours following midlife servicing at the 8000-hour mark.

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Powering the future: the rise of wide-bandgap semiconductors

Power electronics stand at the forefront of revolutionary applications, including electrification and the development of smart grids. As a cornerstone in the industry's battle against climate change, it champions energy efficiency enhancements, employs innovative materials, and adopts fresh circuitry configurations. This discipline promises a solution to drastically minimise carbon emissions and meet environmental imperatives.

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Crafting a robust supply chain for the new era

The pandemic's aftermath has left global supply chains in turmoil. Amid the upheaval, manufacturers are acutely recognising the multifaceted challenges they confront and are on a quest for solutions. But, the path to resilience isn't linear; it's intertwined with various business operations.

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