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Hyundai and Kia secure future with Infineon’s SiC chips

In a significant move, Hyundai and Kia have secured their future semiconductor needs by inking a deal with Infineon, a major player in the chip industry. This agreement, lasting until 2030, specifically focuses on silicon carbide (SiC) and silicon power semiconductors, reflecting the growing importance of these components in the automotive sector.

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Cruise recall reveals safety challenges for driverless cars

Cruise, a division of General Motors (GM) dedicated to self-driving cars, is recalling 950 driverless vehicles across the United States, a move that underscores the ongoing challenges in the autonomous vehicle sector, particularly relevant to the electronics industry. This decision follows a serious incident involving a Cruise robotaxi and signals potential further recalls.

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MCU market surges amid global economic challenges

Against the backdrop of mounting inflation and looming recession concerns in 2022, the Microcontroller (MCU) market stood out, registering a robust annual revenue growth rate of 25%. This data, as reported by Yole Intelligence in their Microcontroller Market Monitor, underscores the resilience of the MCU sector amid economic uncertainties.

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Driving into the future: 2024’s automotive electronics

Recent years have witnessed the automotive sector transforming at a pace like never before, with electronics playing a central role in this metamorphosis. As we drive towards 2024, we arrive at the horizon of even more significant technological leaps. But these exciting frontiers also bring forth a slew of challenges that the industry needs to address.

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