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No relief from semiconductor shortages in 2022, says ABI

A combination of global risk factors will lead to the supply chain industry taking until 2023, and possibly beyond, to resolve the current electronic component shortage issues, says ABI Research. According to their new report, 70 Tech Trends that will/will not shape...

Semi content in electronic systems broke record in 2021

Jan 13, 2022

The value of semiconductor content in electronic systems reached 33.2% last year, surpassing the previous record high set in 2018, says the new 2022 report by IC Insights.

HIC Insights’ chart shows that the semiconductor content figure took a big jump in 2018 and set a new high at 31.1%. However, driven by a 25% increase in semiconductor sales last year, semiconductor content in electronic systems reached 33.2% in 2021, a new all-time high as shown here:

“With global unit shipment growth rates of cellphones, automobiles, and PCs showing maturity and slowing over the past 10 years, the disparity between the 3.5% 2011-2021 CAGR registered in the electronic systems market and 6.5% 2011-2021 CAGR displayed by the semiconductor market is directly due to the increasing content/value of semiconductors in electronic systems,” according to the January Semiconductor Industry Flash Report that IC Insights will release.

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