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Counterfeiting is big business – Source Today

With realities like the global chip shortage prompting more “bad actors” to develop unapproved reproductions or copies of the real thing, the companies that make anti-counterfeit and tamper-proof packaging are continually developing new ways to combat these crimes,...

NAND and DRAM are set to hit new revenue records

Market research and strategy consulting company, Yole Développement, says that despite the numerous global challenges, the memory market will grow to over USD 260 billion in 2027. “Amid trade-war tensions and the COVID-19 pandemic, the stand-alone memory market has...

Component prices increase 5-40%; lead times extend to 12 months

Electronic component prices are on the rise, with one chipmaker increasing prices between 5 percent and 40 percent in the past quarter, reports EPS News. More tech companies mentioned “pricing” during their Q1 earnings calls than any other sector, including consumer...

IMEC chief – Fastest route out of the shortage is to avoid protectionism

Jan 21, 2022

“It’s clear that chip shortages have a firm grip on the world, causing supply chains to be stretched to their absolute limits,” began Luc van den Hove, president and CEO of semiconductor research institute IMEC, in this article for EENews Europe.

“Not surprisingly, everyone is looking at the semiconductor industry to sort things out and to prevent such crunch from ever happening again.”

“Some fear that the implementation of the Chips Acts might be at the basis of a total disruption of the semiconductor market. But that is not how I see things,” he said. “Don’t take the route of protectionism, as this will only slow all of us down. Instead, the real way out can be found in strengthening and connecting the semiconductor industry’s existing strengths.”

He concluded, “If the coronavirus pandemic has taught us one thing, it is that panic does not get us anywhere.”

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