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Bloomberg: Supply constraints are driving inflation

Prices are rising all over the world at a pace that hasn’t been seen in decades, and central banks have responded by lifting rates, writes Bloomberg. And according to a Federal Bank analysis, supply factors account for more than half of the current level of inflation,...

Counterfeit components thrive in time of shortened obsolescence

An article in EPS News claims that counterfeiters are trying to cash in on demand for older parts which are going through EOL (end of life) notifications. According to the article, the problem is getting worse by the trend for shorter periods between the announcement...

Hyundai to manufacture their own automotive chips

"Take back control!" A message often used by politicians is now being heeded by Hyundai, who recently announced they will be manufacturing their own chips to secure the own supply chain as it moves into the electric vehicle industry. EVs require an estimated 500 to...

Gartner: semiconductor sales growth expected to fall next year by 2.5%

Aug 5, 2022

Global semiconductor sales growth is expected fall by 2.5% next year, hit by weaker sales of mobile phones and PCs, predicts Gartner.

Rising inflation and rising energy and fuel costs are putting pressure on consumers’ disposable income, affecting spending on electronics such as PCs and smartphones, they say.

Despite this, Gartner expects worldwide semiconductor revenue to grow 7.4% to $639.2 billion in 2022, although this is down from the previous growth rate of 13.6% and last year’s growth rate of 26.3%.

In addition, Gartner said global semiconductor revenue will shrink to $623.1 billion next year.

Earlier this month, the world’s largest and most valuable semiconductor manufacturer, TSMC, said that as the smartphone, PC and consumer markets slowed, supply chains in these industries would undergo inventory adjustments in the second half of 2022.

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