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DRAM pricing predicted to fall by 3-8% in 3Q22, says TrendForce

According to TrendForce research, despite the significance of peak season and rising DDR5 penetration, the 3Q22 DRAM market still succumbed to the negative impact of weak consumer electronics demand resulting from the Russian-Ukrainian war and high inflation, which in...

The five biggest MCU suppliers accounted for 82% of sales

Single-chip microcontrollers for embedded control and computing functions are ubiquitous and continue to be designed into more systems. MCU sales rebounded with a 27% increase in 2021 to a record-high $20.2 billion.  The 2021 surge was the highest percentage growth in...

Foxconn, world’s largest EMS: struggling with severe chips shortages

May 16, 2022

Foxconn, the world’s largest contract electronics maker, has been struggling with severe ongoing shortages of chips, reports New Electronics.

“Not only has the company been struggling with falling demand in China, as people have been forced to remain shut in doors, but now high inflation around the world is impacting demand and the war in Ukraine has added yet another problem,” writes NE.

According to the news site, Foxconn has said that it is urgently looking to reduce its reliance on consumer electronics and is planning to diversify into other sectors, in particular electric vehicles which it says could be worth $34bn to the business by 2025.

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