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Electronics industry shows signs of cautious optimism

Jul 28, 2022
chip lead times

Electronics industry shows signs of cautious optimism

It was reported last week that manufacturers around the world struck a optimistic note on semiconductor supply, but some problems could endure, says TechMonitor.

Analysts believe supply issues could continue for months and even years to come, particularly for cheaper components manufactured on older technologies which are not receiving investment from chipmakers.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger expects the supply problems to continue into 2024 citing difficulties getting hold of manufacturing equipment.

“The semiconductor supply is not going to increase immediately. There are a lot of raw materials, gases, which were required for production of those semiconductors,” IDC analyst Vinay Gupta was reported to have said.

But the signs are there: “Step by step we are coming back to a more normalised supply environment,” said CEO Jonas Samuelson of Electrolux, Europe’s biggest supplier of home appliances. ABB CEO Bjorn Rosengren agreed that change was happening. “Overall, the supply chain constraints slightly eased compared with the previous quarter. “We anticipate further easing of component supply in the coming quarters.”

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