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While shipping costs are showing an improvement, logistics are still grappling with challenges posed by growing wait times for ships arriving at the Gulf and East Coast ports, according to the Descartes Datamyne trade databases. “While down slightly from August 2021...

Toyota scales back October production output due to chip shortage

Toyota says it will scale back production by 100,000 vehicles during October due to semiconductor shortages, reports CBT News. The news could be a sign that the semiconductor chip shortage will continue to be an issue for manufacturers in the second half of the...

5 trends that will reshape your supply chain

According to EE Times, there are several trends to improve supply networks. Several of them directly impact engineers — and all are worth watching in 2022. #1 - Design for Supply Chain (DfSC). This is catching on as component shortages limit industrial production....

Counterfeit components thrive in time of shortened obsolescence

Aug 12, 2022
obsolescence management

An article in EPS News claims that counterfeiters are trying to cash in on demand for older parts which are going through EOL (end of life) notifications.

According to the article, the problem is getting worse by the trend for shorter periods between the announcement of last buy opportunities and the actual obsolescence date; processes that were once taking 12-24 months are now happening in a matter of weeks in some cases.

“For high-rel applications which depend on long product life cycles to offset lengthy and expensive design and testing processes, the increased pace of change presents challenges. Often, buying enough product to cover a decade or more of continued manufacturing activity doesn’t make financial sense.”

What can you do? Among a range of practical steps, the article recommends OEMs to “work with their distribution partners to both detect and avoid counterfeit electronic components”.

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