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Vishay & Infineon: severely affected by Wuxi subcon fire

A fire in Wuxi, China, earlier this month is having serious supply consequences for several manufacturers, including Vishay and Infineon. Wuxi Welnew Microelectronics (“Welnew”) is a sub-tier supplier to several semiconductor manufacturers including Infineon, Vishay,...

New tech might get tripped up by supply chain volatility, says ABI

Buzzy new tech trends including the industrial metaverse, 5G wearables, printed electronics, and satellite-to-cell services may be held back by global market volatility, according to a report from the analyst firm ABI Research. “War, inflation, political upheaval,...

Faced with shortages? Remain vigilant against counterfeit

EMS Now says there are numerous reasons why counterfeit parts surface, and companies need to be particularly vigilant during supply chain constraints, where low levels of required supply increase the pressure to access the open market. "Counterfeits components are...

Chip lead times shorten, but still 24 weeks

Jan 23, 2023
chip lead times

Market research agency Susquehanna Financial Group found that the chip supplies are rallying with an average lead time now about 24 weeks – three weeks shorter than the record high in May last year.

Susquehanna reports the December 2022 lead time was shortened by 8 days — the most significant monthly drop since 2017 — but the fact remains this is still much higher than the 10 to 15 weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Delivery wait times across all product categories have shrunk in December,” said Susquehanna analyst Chris Rolland, adding that lead times for all key product categories are shortening, with power management and analog chips seeing the largest declines in wait times for delivery.

The report also pointed out that Infineon’s lead time was shortened by 23 days, Texas Instruments by four weeks, and Microchip by 24 days.

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