28 May 2024 -

Russia builds first lithography machine, taking great leap forward


Russia’s first lithography machine has been completed and is currently undergoing testing, reports DigiTimes and TrendForce.

They reported stories from foreign news channels that Vasily Shpak, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, claimed this equipment will produce 350nm (0.35μm) chips.

While the 350nm chip is considered old by modern standards, it has uses within industries such as automotive, energy, and telecommunications. The successful development of this lithography machine represents a milestone for Russia in achieving self-sufficient chip production in the future.

Currently, the global lithography machine market is still dominated by ASML, Nikon, and Canon.

According to publicly available information from foreign media, Russia has two main wafer fabs at present, Mikron and Angstrem. Mikron provides 65-250nm chip manufacturing capabilities, while Angstrem, which went bankrupt and reorganized in 2019, provides 90-250nm chip manufacturing with an 8-inch wafer fab. Both companies mainly offer chips for military, aerospace, and industrial applications. Therefore, the new home-made lithography equipment is expected to be supplied to these two companies.

Looking ahead, Russia aims to manufacture a lithography machine that can support the 130nm process by 2026. Previously, Russia announced the plans to achieve a 65nm chip node process by 2026, 28nm chip manufacturing domestically by 2027, and 14nm domestic chip manufacturing by 2030.

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