25 Jan 2024 -

60% increase in DRAM and NAND flash prices possible

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As 2024 unfolds, a significant trend in the electronics industry is the rising cost of DRAM and NAND flash memory. But what are the underlying factors contributing to this surge in prices?

On the horizon are increases of up to 60% in DRAM and NAND flash prices, EE News Europe reports. This steep rise can be attributed to a confluence of market forces, including supply constraints and burgeoning demand in various tech sectors. As memory is a critical component in numerous electronic devices, from smartphones to data centres, this price hike could have widespread implications.

PC World agrees that “flash and DRAM prices are definitely rising,” as noted by analysts. The rise is linked to the increasing demand for memory in high-performance computing applications and consumer electronics, juxtaposed against the backdrop of limited supply.

Digitimes further delves into the reasons behind the expected price increase in 2024. A key factor is the controlled output by suppliers, aiming to balance the market and prevent oversupply. This deliberate approach to production is seen as a strategic move to stabilize prices in the long term.

TechPowerUp sheds light on the conditional aspect of this price rise: “higher DRAM and NAND prices this year if suppliers can control output.” This statement underlines the critical role of supply management in determining market prices.

Trendforce offers an insightful perspective, highlighting that “NAND flash wafer surges 25% in November.” The prospects for continued price increases hinge on the production expansion plans of memory manufacturers. The strategic decisions made by these companies could significantly influence the trajectory of DRAM and NAND prices.

The increase in DRAM and NAND flash prices is a multifaceted issue, influenced by supply and demand dynamics, strategic production decisions by manufacturers, and the growing needs of the tech industry. This situation presents both challenges and opportunities for various stakeholders, from manufacturers to consumers, in the electronics sector.

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