13 Feb 2023 -

Wuxi fire: effects on Vishay parts becoming clearer

vishay infineon affected by fire

Sources are reporting that the Wuxi sub-contractor fire has increased some Vishay SI and SQ series Mosfets by several months.

In one report, customers are being quoted 104 week lead times on the SI4490DY-T1-GE3. 

Vishay is experiencing serious capacity issues and is not expected to see improvements until mid-2024. MOSFETs are amongst the most impacted. 

Customers are seeing an increase in decommitments for passives and supply is tightening on capacitors, resistors and inductors as well. 

Passive products (CRCW and RCS resistors) are facing supply issues as the manufacturing process mainly takes places in Israel, which is currently facing a labor shortage that is constricting production capacity. 

FET lead times are unstable and between 50 – 150 weeks with allocations under 60% per month. Reports indicate that manufacturers will be increasing prices for FET in early 2023.  

Wuxi Welnew Microelectronics (“Welnew”) is a sub-tier supplier to several semiconductor manufacturers including Infineon, Vishay, BOSCH, and OSRAM which have been slowly releasing information about the impact of the fire on some key commodities. The commodities which are potentially impacted include MOSFETs, RF Small Signal, LED Drivers.

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