10 Apr 2023 -

TSMC muscles in on Intel for title of world’s most valuable semi brand

Intel has retained its title as the world’s most valuable semiconductor brand, only slightly surpassing TSMC, according to a report from Brand Finance. Intel’s brand value has dropped 10% to $22.9 billion, while TSMC’s brand value has risen 5% to $21.6 billion. Alex Haigh, Brand Finance’s valuation director, commented on the importance of chip brands in the global economy. He stated that, to preserve their brand strength and value, chip manufacturers need to stay ahead of the latest technology and production efficiency trends, as well as maintain positive relationships with governments.

“Computing power – and efficiency – is an increasingly contested and important area in global trade, artificial intelligence, mobile computing, and politics. Obvious conflicts over the production, distribution, and use of semiconductors are bubbling to the fore, a reflection of how important these brands are to the global economy,” said Haigh.

Broadcom’s brand value has grown by an impressive 29%, totaling US$8.2 billion, due to the high demand for their networking and data devices. This business-to-business brand, both in wireless and wired connections, has allowed them to gain recognition. Analog Devices has also seen a 21% brand value increase, reaching US$1.9 billion, and making it the second-fastest growing brand in the rankings. It is a semiconductor manufacturer, specializing in analog, mixed-signal, and embedded processing technologies.

This year, the AMD brand experienced a remarkable 15% increase in brand value, reaching a total of US$6.9 billion. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, the brand value of AMD has grown exponentially, going from an initial value of US$1.4 billion to nearly five times that amount. Meanwhile, STMicroelectronics also saw a 13% growth in brand value, reaching a total of US$2.3 billion. This increase is greatly attributable to the company’s extensive portfolio of products, including microchips for electric cars, factory machines, smartphones, and other consumer devices, as well as its strong distribution network and supplier base.

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