24 Nov 2020 -

Survey: electronics supply-chain shocks are likely every two years

survey of supply chain experts in the automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, and pharmaceutical industries revealed that even without Covid their supply chains break down every two years, bringing a shock that halts supply and production for one to two weeks, reports Fortune.com.

The report found that not all industries are equally exposed to the same shocks, but those with the highest trade intensity, including electronics, and semiconductors and components are among the most affected.

“More prolonged events also come around more frequently than might be expected,” says Fortune. “Manufacturers can expect disruptions lasting one to two months to occur every 3.7 years on average, and those dragging on for two months or longer every five years or so.”

“Other types of shocks may be rare occurrences, but they can inflict much bigger losses and need to be on the radar screen as well. They include extreme weather, earthquakes, financial crises, major terrorist attacks, and, yes, pandemics.” 

More details can be found Fortune.com

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