24 Nov 2021 -

Study identifies on-going vulnerabilities in semiconductor supply-chains

new study into semiconductor packaging finds that urgent action is required to meet the increased production of chips, without which the semiconductor supply chain is likely to remain weak and vulnerable.

The study from IPC is a thorough, data-driven analysis of the global semiconductor and advanced packaging ecosystem. The study highlights the role of advanced packaging in driving innovation in semiconductor designs.

“Semiconductor chips are critically important, which is why IPC supports full funding for the CHIPS for America Act. But chips can’t function on their own. They need to be packaged and interconnected with other electronic components in order to power the technology we all rely on, from cell phones to automobiles and beyond,” said John Mitchell, IPC president and CEO. “The data in this report shows that North America is well behind Asia in the advanced packaging of chips and in other key parts of the electronics manufacturing ecosystem.

“The U.S. must adopt a silicon-to-systems approach that strengthens the entire electronics manufacturing ecosystem, including chips, printed circuit boards, and hardware assembly,” Mitchell added. “Addressing electronics manufacturing more holistically is the only way to ensure a more resilient, innovative supply chain that can withstand external shocks in the future.”

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