13 Jul 2018 -

Semtech: LinkCharge™ Franchised with Astute

Product Highlight: Semtech Wireless Charging

Astute has invested significantly in dedicated technical resource and has been working with Semtech as a design-in partner since 2013. Initially focused on high-reliability products for military and aerospace companies, we have now expanded into serving medical, automotive, factory automation, marine systems and industrial applications.Semtech Wireless

Semtech’s LinkCharge™ product family provides wireless charging transmitter and receiver solutions for low (<5 W), mid (5 W to 20 W) and high-power applications (>20 W). Which support both direct and indirect charging in both standard compliant and non-standard (proprietary protocol) systems.

The controlling organisations for standards-based solutions are the World Power Consortium (WPC) and the Air Fuel Alliance. The primary technologies that support the ‘Standards’ are: The WPC (Qi®) which is the leading magnetic induction standard in the market and well known for charging smartphones, it offers better efficiency; The AirFuel (A4WP) is the leading magnetic resonance standard in the market for higher power applications, offering better positioning.

These flexible and intelligent charging solutions are enabling a wealth of applications. With low power being Astute Semtech Wireless Chargingused in smartwatches, fitness bands, smart clothing and medical applications. Standards-based mid power solutions like furniture/desk/countertops, hospitality suites, in-vehicle cabin chargers, smartphone accessories. Non- standards-based mid-power and high-power solutions are being used in power tools, appliances, medical applications including instruments and automation systems.

Astute’s dedicated Power & Semi team are on hand to assist with any product enquiries, new design opportunities, technical and commercial support.

Semtech Corporation is a leading supplier of analogue and mixed-signal semiconductor platforms for high-end consumer, computing, communications, and industrial applications.

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