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Product Highlight: Does my connector look big in this?


Product Highlight: Amphenol Pegasus & Luminus

Circular connectors have long been valued for their robustness and superior performance in the military and aerospace industries.  Manufactured to a range of international and industry standards, they have become the first choice for applications that demand reliability however; many circular connectors are bulky and heavy.

In a world where electronics are growing ever smaller, the size of traditional circular connectors is becoming a limiting factor. The physical size of an end -product is often dictated by the choice of connector.

To address this problem, global leader Amphenol has developed two related families of connectors – Luminus and Pegasus, to help us adapt to fluctuating application sizes.  At the hearts of both families are the decades of experience that Amphenol has in creating high reliability contacts for military connectors. The contacts within Luminus and Pegasus are manufactured to the same exacting standards that Amphenol applies to more traditional military connectors, thus retaining their tried and trusted technology.

The big difference is in the connector shell. Familiar connectors designed for the military and aerospace markets would usually be made with aluminium alloy shells, but both Luminus and Pegasus use moulded Ultem connector bodies, which are both robust and lightweight. Combined with a slim design, the Luminus and Pegasus offer a real saving in weight and space for applications where both are at a premium.

The use of a plastic shell does not come at the expense of reliability.  Both connector families are tested to aerospace standards for shock and vibration, resistance to salt spray and flammability.  Both families are sealed to IP67 and are tested against common fluids used in aerospace applications, including Jet A fuel and hydraulic fluids.

When EMI shielding is required, the Pegasus family features nickel over copper plating to provide between 60db and 40db of attenuation, depending on frequency.

Pegasus and Luminus connectors have already proven their usefulness to the aerospace industry in lighting, in-flight entertainment and avionics applications.  And their success has not been limited to airborne use, with engineers valuing their reliability in heavy equipment, automotive and oil & gas applications.

So, next time you are selecting a traditional circular connector, ask yourself “Does my connector look big in this?” – take a look at the innovative Pegasus and Luminus families from Amphenol.

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Written by David Pike – Emech Applications Manager   

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