17 Sep 2018 -

Product Highlight: InnoREC Surveillance Storage Solutions by Innodisk

Astute Electronics and Innodisk share a service-driven approach to providing flash memory, DRAM modules and embedded peripherals for a wide range of applications predominantly the industrial and aerospace & defense industries. Since we initiated our Franchise Partnership in September 2016, we have supplied Innodisk memory components and design support for a number of prestigious projects including rugged computing, spectrum monitoring, measurement instrumentation and many more.

Storage Solutions for Surveillance Applications

There is an ever-increasing demand for high surveillance data throughput, retention, and retrieval due to digitalisation and advancements in technologies such as Power over Ethernet (PoE). The most important factor, however, has always been data recording stability.

Innodisk’s InnoREC offers high image quality, reliability, and a feature-set specifically for video recording in surveillance systems. Any instability in data recording consequently leads to frame loss.  In turn, this can have severe consequences for surveillance operations. To address this Innodisk have developed RECLine™ which optimizes SSD firmware to ensure maximum stability, ensuring the integrity of your recorded data. Combine that with the fact that they are available up to 2TB and an operating temperature range of -40DegC ~ +85DegC, InnoRec is a good fit for any surveillance application.

The InnocRec Feature Set


RECLine™ is the exclusive firmware algorithm for video recording that
ensures steady performance without any frame-loss

iData Guard

iData Guard is our patented power cycling data management system, which
helps to ensure surveillance data integrity during and after unexpected
power outages


Ensures data is flushed from volatile storage to prevent the loss of valuable
surveillance data during sudden power failures

Passive Cooling

Quick Erase can delete all data within a few seconds – preventing leakage
of potentially sensitive data

Thermal Sensor

When the surveillance system threatens to overheat, an immediate warning
is issued. The SSD will automatically adjust the transmission frequency to
ensure continued performance and reliability

Passive Cooling

The SSD layout is design for maximum heat dissipation – ensuring
performance and enhanced data retention

Case Study

A recent Innodisk case study demonstrates the InnoRec capabilities: ”An American manufacturer encountered recording issues with their SSD-based surveillance system. Innodisk identified the issues to be interruptions from firmware processes and designed a customized SSD with firmware optimized for surveillance recording. Testing showed that the SSD ran smoothly without any interruptions.”

Memory requirement?

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