10 Aug 2018 -

Power Factor Correction with SynQor at Astute

aircraft power factor correction

Astute has recognised that technology in the power supply market is changing rapidly so for the last 2 years has been working with Synqor to offer efficient and reliable, market-leading power supplies to designers for their demanding applications. One of the areas Synqor that has become a technology leader is in the design and manufacture of Power Factor Correction (PFC) modules.

Having a good Power Factor is becoming more important as more equipment and devices are fitted with Switch-mode Power Supplies. Sometimes these can present a non-linear load and create harmonics which potentially cause damage and can, for example, can lower efficiency and increase the cost of running a device.

In an ideal world, the voltage and current would be in phase with each other, this would be stated as having a PF of 1.0, in other words, a device would consume all the power it draws. The lower the PF the more Reactive (useless) power you have which means you are utilising less of the energy you are creating or have paid for. This rarely the case so you end up drawing more current to create the power you need.

Power Factor Correction Explained

To use a popular analogy, if you pay for a pint of beer (Apparent Power) you would hope that there would be more beer (Real/useful Power) than froth (Reactive/useless Power), if a pint was 75% beer and 25% frothpower factor because the beer and gas were out of phase you would not get value for your money. On the other hand, if you corrected the flow of beer and gas you could achieve better than 95% beer which means you are getting better value. In addition, it also increases the efficiency of pouring the beer.

The other potential issue is the creation of harmonics if the sinusoidal waveform becomes distorted, this leads to EMI/RFI emissions which can have a negative effect on the line, other loads and other equipment nearby.

With this in mind, and to complement their range of High Rel, MIL-COTS and Industrial converters Synqor have created a comprehensive range of PFC modules all of which when used with compatible AC line filter module draw a near perfect sinusoidal current (PF>0.99).

On offer is a comprehensive portfolio that includes inputs of 85-264Vrms with and without isolation and 3 Phase 85-140Vrms options with output power that ranges from 325W to 1500W (across both input options) in a single module but where the total power can be increased by using a droop share option and paralleling several modules together. All units are approved to Industrial or Mil-COTS standards and use an industry standard footprint.

For further information, you can contact the Power and Semi team for any new design or product inquiries as well as technical and commercial support.

power factor correction

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