28 Jun 2017 -

New cost-effective, high-end power connector available from Astute Electronics Ltd

New cost-effective

Eclipse, a new budget-friendly high-reliance power connector.

Astute Electronics Ltd, franchised global distributor and procurement specialist, announces the Eclipse hybrid power connector from Positronic, a leading manufacturer of power connectors.

Renowned for their high-end power connectors, Positronic have now developed an entry-level alternative that uses the same low-resistance copper alloy and specially machined elements as their other power connectors but incorporating a unique formed-and-stamped signal contact cluster. This innovation makes Eclipse an affordable alternative to similar products in the field – with no reduction in performance.

“Eclipse opens to door to a whole new range of possibilities,” said Gary Evans, E-Mech Division Manager of Astute electronics Ltd. “We at Astute are very excited to see where this cost-effective hybrid machined power connector might lead. Clearly, there are thousands of applications and we foresee a very bright future for Eclipse.”

Strong and versatile, Eclipse is an ideal power supply solution for military, defence and communications applications. Eclipse’s solid machine contact and formed and stamped signal cluster will deliver reliable power and reduced insertion loss and it comes with significant cost advantages.

Eclipse features machined power contacts in addition to formed signal contacts and boasts a minimum of 250 mating cycle. It is a low-profile component measuring just 11mm height and features a halogen-free insulator.

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