03 Mar 2022 -

Ukraine war will hit Russia’s electronics industry hard

With no manufacturing capability of its own, and its firms producing low-end designs of processors (suitable for consumer electronic goods only), the semiconductor industry will definitely take a hit when trying to import high-end processors and chipsets which might be needed for advanced defence and space systems, writes News18

“The sanctions by the United States effectively prevent Russia from importing a range of products, from chips to telecommunications equipment. But what is noteworthy is that the sanctions prevent Russian imports of both American products as well as products manufactured in other countries that use proprietary technology of any American firm or company to manufacture the products under the sanctioned list.

“This would mean that any firm, located in any country around the world, cannot export certain products even if they have been manufactured on that country’s soil utilising any sort of American technology during the process of design and manufacturing.

“This has led to major American companies like Intel and AMD putting a stop to all exports to Russia. Along with the US, the world’s semiconductor manufacturing powerhouse Taiwan has also joined in with sanctions. Taiwanese company TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) has already suspended deliveries to Russian semiconductor firms like Baikal and Elbrus. Failure to comply with American directives also means that these companies (even if they are not Russian) are liable and at the receiving end of potential sanctions themselves.”

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