01 Apr 2020 -

ISM Releases Coronavirus Crisis Management

Supply chain companies are responding to the Covid-19 pandemic in three phases, says the Institute of Supply Chain Management (ISM).

In their latest article, the ISM interview supply chain experts to formulate what they believe will become a model response that electronics companies will go through to “shape their future operations”, as described here:

  1. Short term impacts: This first response is often reactive and very human-based, as companies and their employees must deal with safety issues and such other measures as working from home.
  2. Recession management: A midterm response that will begin about three months out, and last maybe through the next year.
  3. Post-recession agility: The time where companies focus on agility and review what they did well and where they fell behind, a critical introspective period to drive success forward.

The ISM draws comparisons in the “supply chain shocks” between the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster that occurred almost 10 years ago and the current Covid-19 pandemic, where a couple industries — automotive and electronics — were really impacted.

They say, “With the coronavirus pandemic, there was an expectation that there would be large electronics outages and closing of car plants. Those industries learned from Fukushima and they had alternates or backups.”

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