25 Jul 2022 -

Intel urges supply chain changes to mitigate disruption

Semiconductor Industry

“It will be better for the world to have a more balanced supply chain, to mitigate some of the disruptive challenges witnessed in the semiconductor ecosystem.”

That’s according to ITWeb, who reported on Maurits Tichelman, Intel VP of sales and marketing and GM for EMEA territories, speaking at an Intel-hosted media roundtable about the challenges facing the global supply chain and semiconductor ecosystem.

“The supply chain became very constrained, with the overall global capacity being highly dependent on Asia,” Tichelman said. “We all felt that pain.

“It’s a challenge if all of us are dependent on 70% of the manufacturing of chips coming out of Asia, especially when we saw the disruption due to COVID-19.

Europe used to be above 20% in terms of semiconductor manufacturing, but that’s now changed to between 8% and 9%, according to Tichelman.

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