13 Apr 2022 -

How Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will result in greater chip shortage – Fox

The war in Ukraine has threatened to worsen an already concerning shortage in semiconductor chips, says Fox News.

“Three of the major companies in the world [for neon] are based between Mariupol, which has been ravaged by the war, and there’s two, I believe, in Odesa,” said expert in emerging technologies, Dusin Carmack. “It’s going to be maybe three to six months before you see major impact … but if this is an extended war, this is going to cause supply chain issues.”

Fox reported that even though companies may keep three to six months of reserves, “they have already started eating into those”.

“Some reports indicate Ukraine provides up to 90% of neon gas supplies that the U.S. needs to operate lasers necessary to manufacture the chips, but more concerning is Russia’s role as a bulk supplier for rare earth metals like palladium,” reports Fox. 

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