28 Mar 2022 -

ERAI – War in Ukraine is straining semiconductor supply

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is straining global supply chains in the electronics, aerospace, and automotive industries, says ERAI Inc. a global organisation who monitors, investigates, and reports issues affecting the global electronics supply chain.

Raw material shortages of critical metals and gases threaten to further slow and possibly stall critical component production, they say in a press release.

“In response to Russia’s aggression, the US Commerce Department, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) has implemented sweeping export controls with the aim of restricting the Russian Federation’s access to technologies and dual-use components with the goal of limiting Russia’s military capabilities. Cutting off Russia’s access to semiconductors and aircraft components thereby crippling Russia’s ability to wage war is dependent upon companies’ willingness to comply with the sanctions.

“Many of these items, including semiconductors, computers, telecommunications, information security equipment, lasers and sensors, were not previously subject to controls for export to Russia. In tandem with the US Government’s efforts, the European Union, Japan, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and South Korea have implemented their own restrictions. In accordance, Singapore and Taiwan have voiced their support. In addition, restrictions have been placed on exports to Belarus, a country that substantially enables Russia’s military action in Ukraine. Violators in the US face customs seizures, fines and incarceration.”

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