23 Mar 2023 -

Belarus & Russia compile list of critical electronic parts against backdrop of sanctions


According to the Belarussian news agency, Belta, and Russian news agency, Interfax, Russia has compiled a list of critical electronic parts that it wants Belarus to supply.

Belarus President, Aleksandr Lukashenko, claimed that Belarusian enterprises have already started shipping during a government conference held to discuss prospects of development of the microelectronics industry.

“Together with Russia, a list of critically important components has been created, which will be produced at Belarusian enterprises, and a road map has been developed for its development. We have already begun supplying a number of elements for Russian enterprises,” Lukashenko said according to the Belta state news agency,

It was further reported that Lukashenko said, “An agreement was signed on the establishment of a joint Belarusian-Russian center for the development and manufacture of photomasks, which are used in the production of microcircuits; it will allow for joint operational development and reduce the dependence of Belarusian and Russian consumers on imports.

“Our country has all the necessary competencies to meet the needs of the Russian market after the withdrawal of Western enterprises.”

Last month, UK’s Foreign Secretary, James Cleverly, announced a new package of internationally coordinated sanctions and trade measures, including export bans on every item Russia has been found using on the battlefield to date. Included in the hundreds of goods are aircraft parts, radio equipment, and electronic components that can be used by the Russian military industrial complex, including in the production of UAVs.

Military intelligence has shown that a shortage of components in Russia as a result of sanctions is already likely affecting their ability to produce equipment for export, such as armoured vehicles, attack helicopters, and air defence systems. As a result, it is highly likely that Russia’s role as a reliable arms exporter and their military-industrial complex are being undermined by international sanctions.

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