21 Nov 2023 -

Astute Electronics connects new territories with Digi International IoT devices


With Digi International on our side, we’re not just connecting devices, we’re connecting aspirations. Check out our eDesign community for advice on electronic component design and selection.

Electronic component and supply chain experts, Astute Electronics, have proudly announced a new alliance, becoming the authorised distributor of Digi International’s IoT devices across Benelux, Australia and New Zealand, Turkey, and Israel.

For over three decades, Digi has been sculpting the landscape of wireless communication, even before IoT stepped into the spotlight. Their visionary path from RF modems to cutting-edge sensor-based solutions illustrates a deep commitment to innovation and adaptability.

Reflecting on this collaboration, Simon Brennan, Technical BDM – Memory & Embedded Solutions at Astute, shared, “Digi’s forward-thinking approach to IoT aligns seamlessly with our own ambitions. Their catchphrase ‘Connect with confidence’ couldn’t be more apt. With Digi on our side, we’re not just connecting devices; we’re connecting aspirations.”

“We are thrilled with this collaboration as we continue to grow brand recognition and demand generation across the European and APAC regions,” said Ron Singh, Sales Director of OEM Solutions for EMEA at Digi. “Astute is a recognised leader in electronics sourcing, and they bring deep knowledge and expertise to the table. We believe our broad portfolio of full-featured IoT embedded modules, solutions and services are in good hands.”

Digi’s offerings span a multitude of sectors including aerospace and defence, electric vehicles, industrial automation, and more. Whether it’s streamlining operations in the maritime industry or amplifying efficiency in renewables, Digi’s solutions are literal beacons of reliability and excellence.

Astute recognises the transformative potential of Digi’s products and aims to champion its ethos across new territories. Whether you’re envisaging large-scale projects or niche implementations, Digi, together with Astute, promises to help you realise your IoT projects.

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