31 Aug 2018 -

Astute at Landforces with SynQor

Military Power Components

Being Franchised for SynQor, we are confident that we are able to provide high-efficiency power components designed for the most hostile environments. SynQor’s tried and tested, field-proven technology exudes compatibility and functionality, from concept to completion.

The Astute – SynQor relationship is transparent and reactive. This means, that you can trust that our customers, past present, and future, will be kept informed of all impacting factors such as updates and lead-times.

SynQor Products for Land Military Applications

<small> Top Left: VPX, Top Right M-COTS, Bottom Left: UPS, Bottom Right MINV </small>


The UPS sits between an AC Load source and electronic equipment such as computers and communication systems where any power outage would cause an issue. It has batteries fitted inside the rack giving you around 10 mins of run-time which should give enough time for the power source to come back online or an alternative source of power to be found. The battery packs can be extendable giving even more back up time. Like the Inverter, the unit is sealed and ruggedised making it a perfect fit for harsh environments.

  • >10Minutes of run time at full power
  • 1U 19” rack at 1500VA,  2U 19” at 3000VA
  • Sealed, weather and shockproof
  • Lightweight
  • MIL-STD for Land, Sea and Air applications
  • Parallel and extendable battery options

We are at Landforces


This range of converters covers many requirements, within the M-COTS range there are Power Factor Correction modules, EMI Filters and dc/dc converters that, individually or combined, can offer power for most applications. SynQors units are fixed frequency and have an industry standard footprint which means they easily meet EMI requirements and they are not single sourced; no unit has ever been obsoleted. There is a comprehensive range of inputs and outputs making it easier to find a solution for numerous power requirements.

These converters are used for all elements of communication in the field, inside a vehicle as well as from ground to air and soldier radio communication. Many are found in the electronics that power vehicle controls such as the turret as well as being used to re-charge batteries in tanks. Some of the lower power units are used in missile launchers on tanks or on artillery units.

  • Single and 3-Phase PFC modules, Isolated options
  • EMI Filters, increased Transient suppression
  • DC/DC converters, 9V to 280VDC input options
  • Output voltage options from 1V2 to 270VDC
  • 1/16th to Full Brick size
  • Isolated and Non-Isolated
  • Meet MIL-STD and DEF-STAN
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • High efficiency


VPX is an enhanced module standard which means that the applications and platforms it’s used in, can expect a superior performance in an existing Eurocard form factor. By using the VPX standard you can significantly improve capability and enable faster communication between multiple processors. SynQor have developed a power supply to provide the voltage, power and signals required by this architecture. It is heavily featured, has a high-power density and has been designed for Military applications.

  • VITA 62 Compliant
  • MIL-STD Compliant
  • DC-DC and AC-DC models
  • I²C Function option
  • -40 to 85°C Operating temp
  • Land, Sea and Air applications
  • High Efficiency


The Military Inverters that SynQor have developed are used where an AC supply is required but only a DC source is available. With a ruggerdised and sealed construction, it is perfect for applications such as deployable ground stations, trucks and other vehicles when a battery source is available. Communication, computing and medical equipment can typically all be run from the Inverter. The unit can withstand a non-linear input but offer a stable AC supply to the equipment ensuring reliable use. Output power can be increased by having multiple units in parallel.

  • 28V and 180VDC input options
  • Single, Dual and Three Phase options
  • 1U 19” rack delivers up to 5000VA
  • Handles 0.0 to 1.0 PF loads
  • Sealed, weather and shockproof
  • MIL-STD for Land Sea and Air


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