06 Apr 2020 -

Apacer’s industrial storage and memory modules for medical data solutions

With Apacer’s storage and memory solutions, medical professionals have access to more comprehensive patient data which can be accurately processed and distributed in real time to avoid lives being in danger.


  • Endurance from 3K to 60K P/E Cycles
  • Genuine fix BOM
  • Longevity of supply with advance EOL & PCN
  • 0/70°C and -40/85°C available on whole range
  • Data monitoring, security, and protection features

Apacer’s range includes:

Cards available 0/70°c & -40/+85°c

SSD available 0/70°c & -40/+85°c (also M.2, mSATA 1.8”)


DRAM available 0/85°c & -40/+85*c (also DDR3 and VLP)


For more information about Apacer and products in their industrial range please contact [email protected]

Astute Electronics is an authorised, franchised distributor and technical partner for Apacer

About Apacer: Apacer offers high-performance, high-reliability, and high-value memory modules and flash memory designed for specific uses. They specialise in industrial solutions such as SSDs, DRAM and storage devices for network communication, military, medical & healthcare, transportation, and other Hi-Rel industries. Their products are designed for critical long-term usage systems to reduce obsolescence and costly re-designs.

Apacer has gained a reputation as a leading supplier of DRAM and Industrial SSD since its establishment in 1997, developing a range of products and services to help customers ‘access the best’.  In 1999, Apacer Technology expanded its product range to include mobile storage covering flash and USB products. In 2002 Apacer Technology founded its firmware R&D team to reposition the enterprise as a digital storage application. https://industrial.apacer.com/en-ww

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