06 Apr 2023 -

Nvidia responds to fake Chinese GeForce GPUs

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To combat an alleged “large-scale sale of counterfeit video cards” on Chinese marketplaces and beyond, Nvidia has joined forces with several top Chinese e-commerce sites to eliminate fake GeForce accelerators. This comes in response to reports that some video cards used for cryptomining have been “reformed” and sold at lower costs than new models.

According to Tom’s Hardware, obscure graphics card brands, including 51RISC, Corn, or MLLSE, were previously trapped in China’s domestic market. However, these brands have silently crept into the U.S. market over the years through platforms like eBay or, more recently, via third-party marketplaces at Amazon or Newegg. Most of the time, consumers will find GeForce graphics cards from these Chinese brands at lower prices or sometimes with ridiculous price tags. Retailers have reportedly been modifying video cards from manufacturers with cheaper graphics chips of lower power, without consumers being any the wiser. For example, a 12GB GeForce RTX 3060 has allegedly been modded with the notebook variant of the GA106 GPU, which has lower performance than the desktop version.

In order to help protect consumers, Nvidia has issued a number of tips. Firstly, the company suggests buying the latest GeForce RTX 40 series, as there are no fakes of these models yet. Secondly, Nvidia recommends purchasing 3D cards from respected brands. Lastly, those who do not want to buy RTX 40 cards or cannot afford them can look into RTX 30 series cards, ideally, those released after the end of the cryptocurrency boom, such as the RTX 3060 with 8 GB of memory.

The increase in trade in illegally refurbished hardware is an effect of the devaluation of cryptocurrencies. With the price peak at the beginning of the decade, enthusiasts bought dozens (and even hundreds) of video card units to work with mining uninterruptedly, which significantly reduced their useful lives. Due to the devaluation of cryptocurrencies, these miners have become obsolete, and their owners have been left with no other option than to sell them as second-hand, refurbished, and/or used hardware. As a result, the market for these goods has grown, and they can now be bought at a much lower cost, since they are being sold as second-hand or refurbished goods.

The increase in trade of illegally refurbished hardware has also been linked to the high price of new hardware. With the rapid inflation of hardware prices, many people have been unable to purchase new hardware, and so they have resorted to buying second-hand or refurbished hardware. This has caused an increase in the demand for these goods, and thus an increase in the trade of illegally refurbished hardware.

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