07 Oct 2022 -

U.S. national security ‘at risk’ from foreign reliance – Defence News

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National Defence magazine has issued a clarion call to “Americanize the defense industry supply chain” claiming that “national security is at risk due to our military’s reliance on foreign nations for raw materials, parts and products”.

Mike McCormack writes, “Because of an all too common ‘kick the can down the road’ attitude, neither the military nor the private sector considered the long-term consequences of offshoring manufacturing. The reality of the trade-offs is now all too apparent. Once a new product or technology is manufactured outside of the United States, the process engineering, tools and control over supply chain sources go with it.

“It is time that the nation’s leaders heed the alarm bells, adopt the suggestions to Americanize the supply chain with haste and not let political roadblocks slow us down. We cannot afford to be hijacked by shortages, shipping delays, security threats, natural disasters or pandemics. With today’s modern technology, we can control costs and level up our workforce to jobs that will spur even greater innovation.

“An excessive dependence on foreign suppliers for the defense industry makes the nation vulnerable. War­fighting gear is simply better made in America.”

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