27 Nov 2020 -

Black Friday feels too cheap? Remember this about counterfeits

We all love a bargain, but as we’re bombarded by Black Friday deals it’s worth re-reading this article, 7 Great Things about Buying Counterfeits, first published in Industry Week.

“What you may not realize when shopping for these Internet bargains, or flea market bargains, or street corner bargains, is that in addition to buying some kind of product you think you want, you are supporting all the things that go along with the underworld of counterfeits,” writes Industry Week, reporting comments by William Shepherd of Holland & Knight LLP, who described himself as a litigator who helps companies confront counterfeiters who steal their brand or steal their trade secrets.

So what are the 7 “benefits”?

  1. Supporting Slave Labor (Manufacturing)
  2. Endangering the Environment
  3. Supporting Organized Crime
  4. Great Return Policies and Customer Service Follow-through.
  5. Supporting Slave Labor (Retail)
  6. Endangering Your Health
  7. Saving Money

Read the whole story here

For more help in this area, Astute Electronics offer very reliable on-site labs for carrying out a range of destructive and non-destructive counterfeit testing, as shown here:

Astute is a highly accredited, quality-driven procurement expert, with a list of clients that includes the world’s leading defence suppliers. Our mission is to shield you against inferior quality products and services. As such, our operations are run in accordance with quality processes including AS6081 that mitigates the risks of purchasing and supplying fraudulent/counterfeit electronic parts.

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