15 Jul 2022 -

Counterfeit risk will test your supply chain continuity

Electronics counterfeit mitigation

Counterfeit components are among the greatest threaten to supply chains today, writes Radford University researcher Zachary Collier in Techtarget.com

“Supply chains now face risks on several fronts, including complications brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic as well as events companies can better plan for, such as the growing threat of counterfeits,” according to the report.

“The main risks are disruptions in your supply chain from natural disasters or man-made disasters. Droughts, for instance, can lead to issues. For example, a drought happened recently in Taiwan that affected the chipmaking capabilities there, says Collier.

“One criterion for security is integrity — that a chip does what it’s supposed to do and doesn’t do what it’s not supposed to do. So, having chips of unknown origin runs the risks of anything from quality degradation to malicious tampering that could provide a backdoor into your system. These issues become even more important with the more national defense-related applications the chips are used in, so it’s all the more important to establish a trusted end-to-end supply chain for these critical components.”

Collier adds, “Another thing is the integrity of the products themselves, like counterfeiting. If you have a big, global and fragmented supply chain, there are a lot of opportunities for counterfeit or adulterated parts or products to secretly enter into your supply chain. So how do you track and trace and authenticate that the products are actually good?”

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